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DUI and DWI Defense
 Criminal; Defense
 Motor; Vehicle Code
 License; Suspension

 U.S.; Supreme Court
 Circuit; Court of Appeals 3rd Cir.
 U.S.; District Court for the    Western; Dist. of PA

Kim has more than 30 years of experience in criminal law. He started his career as a county prosecutor before becoming a federal prosecutor and then switched sides to represent those accused of crimes. He is a preeminent practitioner in the area of DUI/DWI law. He is frequently called upon to speak to other lawyers and law enforcement groups on DUI law. He is also a member of the National College of DUI Defense Attorneys. His extensive trial experience coupled with his knowledge of the scientific aspects of a DUI prosecution make him a formidable advocate for his DUI clients. Kim is most active in the Pittsburgh and Allegheney County areas but will take cases from the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Professional Statement of Practice

For a professional who has tried over 300 murder cases and other crimes ranging from motor vehicle violations to rape, Kim now defends those accused of DUI-related crimes. As a private attorney for more than 30 years, some of his cases gained celebrity, like the time he won an acquittal for a college basketball star accused of raping a woman in a dormitory. Many of his DUI cases have been published by the highest courts of Pennsylvania, but most of his clients never make the news. Because Kim knows the prosecutors, the judges, and the rules that govern, he works hard and effectively to resolve cases before they get to trial. Also, this litigator has been defending and teaching laws pertaining to those who are accused of using alcohol and/or drugs in conjunction with driving.

Family ties are important to this attorney whose congenial demeanor belies a toughness in court that wins acquittals for his clients. A native of Pittsburgh who once tried out for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kim Riester spent his early working years as an assistant district attorney for Allegheny County. His attention to detail led the District Attorney to put him in charge of complex litigation involving homicide prosecutions, investigating grand juries, and electronic surveillance, and no one was surprised when Kim was loaned to the U.S. Attorney. In the 1980s, he was also charged with prosecuting a serial murderer.

As a graduate of Adrian College and the Duquesne University Law School, Kim Riester is a noted lecturer at the about Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Law for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the Department of Transportation, and Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and formerly for the Pennsylvania State Police, City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Police Academies.

Theory on DUI Defense

In addition to court room experience, I prepare extensively commencing with the initial client conference. From the preliminary hearing stage through appeals, I have a reputation of being exceptionally thorough. The motions that I file on behalf of my clients are, perhaps, unsurpassed in factual detail, legal analysis, and decisional authority. These motions provide each client with a unique invocation of the their statutory and constitutional rights. If the case ever proceeds to trial, as most do not after the issues are addressed in the motions, we have been most successful. We plan for all eventualities from conviction followed by appeal, to acquittal followed by expungement of the criminal history/records.

Being personable with the clients, as well as the members of the judicial system, I have had a history of favorable outcomes. My experience and knowledge, coupled with specialized training and interaction with members of the Pennsylvania and National College of DUI Defense as well as other experts, leads me to explain thoroughly all aspects of the proceedings. We make a difficult experience less traumatic,so clients can lead successful lives.


Kim resides in the North Hills suburb of Pittsburgh with his wife, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. Kim and his wife have two children. Their son is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Their daughter Currently Resides in Orlando, Florida.