Erickson Artful Dentistry in Clackamas, Oregon
Dr. Erickson sees only one dental patient at a time.

His full attention is given to his patient during their appointment time, providing excellent dentistry for people who are serious about their health.

At Dr. Erickson's dental office, we are dedicated to helping people save all of their teeth in a healthy condition, for their lifetime. We provide the highest quality dental treatment that today's technology allows. Many of our clinical and laboratory techniques are unusual and special. We use only the best materials and techniques for the Dentistry we provide, whether it is preventive, therapeutic or restorative.

Dr. Erickson provides preventive and restorative dentistry for adults in SE Portland, Oregon, Happy Valley, Oregon and Clackamas, Oregon.

You can expect to be treated with great care, professional skill and focused attention during your visits. Several times a week, Dr. Erickson receives compliments from his patients about his very gentle manner, and about his habit of explaining each step as he operates. We have found that these methods greatly reduce fear and anxiety, and ease the patient through the procedures.

Dr. Russell Erickson serves as a premier Dentist in SE Portland, Oregon and Clackamas, Oregon area.

Schedule a personal dental appointment today by calling 503-353-1471 and experience Dr. Erickson's undivided attention.

Russell Erickson, DDS PC
Clackamas, Oregon Dentist
13530 SE 97th Avenue
Clackamas OR 97015-7691
Phone: 503.353.1471

Most Insurance Plans Accepted
Dr. Erickson is a participating doctor with ODS and other Delta Dental insurance plans. We also accept most other dental insurance plans, and will handle all the claims filing.

The Art of Dr. Erickson's Office

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Russell Erickson DDS PC | | 503.353.1471
13530 SE 97th Avenue, Clackamas, OR 97015



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