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Olson Consulting

Olson Consulting specializes in helping medical groups become more effective in their change efforts.

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Portland, Oregon

Key Services

• Management Coaching

Olson Consulting provides skill development specific to your needs.

• Performance Improvement

Olson Consulting helps you strategize and implement effective performance improvement programs.

• Patient Safety

Olson Consulting experience can help you identify patient safety vulnerabilities.

About Sara Olson

Sara brings over 30 years of experience from a variety of leadership roles in health care. For the past 9 years, Sara has led the development of the Quality Factor program and coached more than 100 medical groups in performance improvement using state of the art tools.

Examples from some group's accomplishments include implementing simple, effective tracking systems, creating cooperative work groups that get rid of gossip, using focused patient surveys to improve satisfaction and development of an efficient clinic huddle process.

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Contact Sara Olson    •   Phone: 541-688-2574   •   Email: sara@olsonconsulting.org

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